Qualitative Case Studies




A music/production studio was experiencing a drastic decline in its business despite offering numerous musical services, the lowest hourly studio time rate in the area and the history of being the studio of choice for national platinum music recording artists.


Conducted IDIs and focus groups to ascertain the challenges faced by the music/production studio.



While the music/production studio boasts the cheapest studio time rate (including an engineer) in the area, the research revealed that producers are more willing to pay a premium price for a studio that offers premium services. Thus the music/production studio can raise their hourly rate if premium services are offered.

While the music/production studio is a fully automated studio that offers Pro-tools, in house production and live band recording, the research revealed that while the music/production studio’s sound is good, its engineering and studio professionalism could benefit from consumer feedback. Also the music/production studio lacks the in-studio PC equipped with music software. Thus the music/production studio could increase the premium of the services they offer by hiring a quality engineer and professional management or studio manager and placing a PC in the studio that’s equipped with music software.

Consumer feedback on the music/production studio’s operation processes yielded valuable information about current perception. This viewpoint was derived from respondents saying that they had pre-paid sessions and either the studio was closed at their scheduled time or that the equipment was not prepped for their session. It was strongly encouraged that the music/production studio begins booking sessions in a schedule log and creating time buffers between the sessions to allow for session preparation for the subsequent sessions.

The over-arching theme of the market research findings was that producers highly valued studios with good engineers, good sound and professionalism.

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