Quantitative Case Studies



A privately owned restaurant experienced a drastic decrease in gross revenues annually at the end of the winter season. 


Designed and implemented customer surveys to gather socio-economical status and demographical information on the existing customer base, which found that 85% of this base were seasonal residents. These findings led to a local marketing initiative that resulted in an increase of local customer base by 35%.


Performed conjoint analyses to detect at a micro level product preferences and unmet needs within the customer base. These finding resulted in new product offerings and promotional strategies.

Conducted descriptive statistical analyses of 3 years of sales data to detect sale trends and patterns. The findings led to strategic discount and promotion initiatives that increased sales transaction by 50% on days of the week that yielded small sale transactions.



The restaurant has since gained and maintained strong local market share and has been renamed and re-branded, with all collateral material and menus bearing the new brand. The restaurant is currently operating with high cash-flow, liquidity and low to moderate leverage.

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