Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence market research specializes in making clients more competitive in the industry by being price conscious, conducting brand analysis, increasing brand equity and service/product quality evaluation.


Concept of Causality

  • A quantitative methodology used to determine a causal relationship between two variables in regards to whether a product or service price, effect consumption rate or demographic profile’s effect on price point.


Regression Analysis

  • A quantitative model that explores and reveals the cause of variation in product sales, brand preference, market share; as well as the casual relationship between marketing variables distribution, price, product quality and advertising.


Discriminate and Logit Analysis

  • A quantitative model, that explores and identifies the factors that differentiate frequent user, light users and non-users of a product or service.


Factor Analysis

  • A quantitative model, that identifies the more salient variable influencers that affect product or service purchase from amongst many variables influencers. This allows for a more focus strategy to be devised to increase product or service purchase based on the salient variables.


Cluster Analysis

  • A quantitative model that identifies subgroups within an established customer based. This allows for the detection of buying behavior of the subgroup, identify new product opportunities for the subgroup and the categorization of a vast data.


Discrete Choice and Conjoint Analysis

  • A quantitative model, that detects the salient variables consumers attach to attributes during their choice process. This allows for the product or service provider to recognize the consumption driving variables and utilize the variables in the development of new products and strategies of existing product.

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