About Ascendant

About Ascendant


The Ascendant Consulting Firm provides premium market research to clients seeking to garner consumer insight, competitive intelligence and market viability/feasibility.

Who We Are

The Ascendant Consulting Firm offers first in class market research services. We focus on providing our clients with information that allows for accurate and confident decision making, market assessments, market entry and expansion planning.

Clients depend on the Ascendant Consulting Firm’s market research results to drive the creation of strategies and solutions that will effectively achieve customer retention, new customer acquisition, competitive advantage and accurate market viability/feasibility.

Our Team

The Ascendant Consulting Firm team has the expertise, experience, energy, dedication and creativity to help your business realize exceptional results.

Our team is comprised of academic professionals with collectively over 95 years of practical expertise in qualitative and quantitative market research analysis, advanced quantitative analytics, strategic marketing and financial analyses and analytics.